Econet Wireless Modernizes Network and Integrates AI to Enhance Services

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe upgrades 4G network and uses AI to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited has released its audited abridged consolidated financial statements for the year ending February 29, 2024, highlighting significant strides in network modernization and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in its operations.

The company has successfully modernized over 1,012 sites with 4G high-capacity base stations, focusing on Harare, Bulawayo, and the Manicaland region. This modernization is part of a broader effort to enhance network quality and coverage following years of underinvestment due to limited foreign currency availability. Plans are underway to modernize an additional 550 base stations nationwide.

The Government, through POTRAZ, has allocated spectrum within the 700MHz frequency band to Econet, which will extend coverage to the periphery of current service areas. In addition to modernizing existing sites, the company has also added over 50 new base station sites, further boosting service quality and network reach.

AI has become integral to Econet’s operations, significantly enhancing efficiency and customer experience. The deployment of AI algorithms has improved customer segmentation and personalized services, resulting in increased customer activity. The integration of intelligent recommendation engines and predictive models into daily operations has led to a remarkable 47% growth in voice segment usage.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s strategic investments and technological advancements underscore its commitment to providing superior connectivity and services to its customers.

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