Comoros and Central African Republic Join Smart Africa Trust Alliance for Enhanced Connectivity

Comoros and Central African Republic sign SATA declaration, boosting African connectivity and data interoperability.

In a move towards enhancing data interoperability and connectivity across the African continent, the Central African Republic has officially signed the Smart Africa Trust Alliance (SATA) declaration today. This marks the 13th country to join this collaborative initiative, aimed at fostering seamless data exchange, identities, and services across African nations.

Furthermore, Smart Africa Trust Alliance celebrated another significant achievement as the Comoros became the 14th country to sign the SATA declaration. This milestone underscores the growing momentum towards a more connected Africa, where digital transformation plays a pivotal role in driving socioeconomic development.

With Comoros and the Central African Republic now part of the SATA initiative, Smart Africa Trust Alliance continues to expand its reach and impact across the continent. As more countries join this collaborative effort, the vision of a digitally connected Africa with enhanced trade and services becomes increasingly attainable.

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