Shaping Africa’s Future: Gitex Africa 2024 Sets the Stage for Innovation 

We gather again in the vibrant city of Marrakech, Morocco, embarking on a journey to explore the multifaceted facets of Africa’s digital landscape.

Excitement is in the air as the doors of Gitex Africa 2024 swing open today, marking the beginning of the continent’s largest tech and startup show. We at TechAfrica News are thrilled to be here on the ground, ready to bring you the latest updates and insights from this vibrant event. As the event kicks off, we can feel the energy and anticipation building among the attendees, exhibitors, and speakers who have gathered from all over the world to showcase their innovations and share their visions for Africa’s digital future.

Gitex Africa 2024 is not just an event; it’s a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the boundless potential of Africa’s tech ecosystem. We are excited to witness and report on the groundbreaking developments that will shape our continent’s future.

Akim Benamara, Founder and Chief Editor, TechAfrica News.

Setting Sail: What to Expect

As the doors open to Gitex Africa 2024, we anticipate a dynamic day filled with insightful discussions and inspiring presentations. This premier gathering of innovators, thought leaders, and policymakers is set to drive Africa’s digital transformation forward. With a focus on policy, connectivity, and digital cities, the summit aims to address pressing challenges and seize abundant opportunities. 

The Digital Summit promises engaging dialogues on Africa’s digital progress and its path towards a unified digital market. Building on the momentum from last year’s participation by 33 government delegations and global tech leaders, the 2024 edition is poised to further propel Africa’s digital transformation. Key themes will include policy, connectivity, and digital cities, addressing both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

AI Everything: Africa will shine a spotlight on the continent’s embrace of artificial intelligence. Discussions will delve into the future of AI, exploring inclusive adoption and effective regulation. Meanwhile, the Cybersecurity Forum will address the unique challenges posed by escalating cyber threats, with cybercrime costing Africa $4 billion annually. We anticipate robust discussions on the need for enhanced cybersecurity policies and frameworks as Africa increasingly adopts transformative technologies like cloud computing and IoT.

The financial revolution in Africa, driven by innovations in mobile money and fintech, will be another major focus. We look forward to dialogues on regulatory harmonization and equitable access to financial innovations. Gitex Impact Africa will highlight the pursuit of sustainable development, emphasizing technology’s role in solving challenges in water security, agriculture, and energy. Expect discussions on advanced sensors for clean water, agritech for transforming agriculture, and sustainable energy solutions driving economic growth.

Finally, World Future Health Africa will explore the continent’s healthcare challenges amid rapid population growth and urbanization. Stakeholders, investors, and policymakers will strategize and invest in sustainable healthcare solutions, aiming to bridge gaps and drive progress across the region. 

Don’t Miss Out on Today’s Highlighted Panels and Discussions

  • 11:00 – 11:40 AM | Global Dialoguues | Cyber Resillence for Development: Strategies for Strengthening Cyber Capacities in Africa 

Explore the outcomes of the first Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B) as they relate to multi-stakeholder strategies to enhancing Africa’s cyber resilience. 


Dr. Martin Koyabe, Senior Project Manager, Lead AU-GFCE Cordination, GFCE 

Sam Hall, Cyber Policy Lead, UK FCDO

Harrison Nnaji, Group Chief Information Security Officer, First Bank of Nigeria Limited 

Andy Garth, Director of Government Affairs, ESET  

  • 11:30 – 12: 30 PM  | Cypersecurity sponsored by Orange 


Egla Ntumba, Senior Investor, Newton Partners 

Christophe Subias, Chief Information Security Officer, Orange 

Sonia Cisse, Tech & Privacy Partner, Linklaters 

  • 1:00 – 1:40 PM  | CISO Panel: From Shield to Spear: Cyber as a Strategic Business Enabler 

Move beyond a purely defensive cybersecurity posture and leverage for growth and innovation. Integrate cybersecurity into business processes and use the boardroom to strategize focusing on its ability to drive business resilience, competitiveness, and digital innovation.


Bahi Hour, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering, Xage Security, Inc.

Fene Osakwe, Forbes Technology Council Member

Olaya Ghenia, Principal Director of Information System Security (CISO), Tunisian Eletricity and Gas Company (STEG) 

Tarek Naja, Lead Trainer, Lead Trainer, Hackers Academy 

Frank Van Caenagem, VP Cybersecurity, CISO EMEA Schneider Electric 

  • 11:50 – 12:10 PM  | Fireside Chat: Getting Africa’s Unbanked Excited about the Digital Revolution 

Trying to excite over 350 million people about digital banking is challenging but crucial. The focus is not just on how to engage Africa’s unbanked population but why it’s essential. Strategies must consider education, culture, and borders. This session highlights the importance of bridging the digital divide and making financial services more accessible and appealing through innovative approaches to encourage financial inclusion.


Natasha Dimban, Board Member, L’Observatoire de la Fintech

Chérifatou Ibrahima Agoumo, Regional Innovation and Technology Advisor, West Africa, CARE USA

James Ivan Ssettimba, Deputy Director – National Payments Systems Department, Bank of Uganda

  • 2:20 – 3:00 PM  |Opening Panel | Bridging Africa’s Healthcare Financing Divide 

Africa, home to 16% of the world’s population, faces a staggering 23% of the global disease burden, further exacerbated by a mere 1.6% of the annual $1.16 trillion in impact investments only, allocated to the healthcare sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. What steps can be taken to transform the healthcare funding landscape in Africa?


Bongai Sithole, Chief Exceutive Officer, Founders Factory Africa

David Higgins, Investment Director, Impact Ventures by J&J Foundation

Peju Ibekwe, Chief Exceutive Officer, Sterling One Foundation 

Sewu-Steve Tawai, Managing Partner, Jaza Rift Ventures

Dr. Mactar Seck, Chief of Technology & Innovation Section, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

Nelly Ale, Head, Health Ecosystems, Mastercard Foundation 

  • 3:40 – 4:20 PM  | Creating a Public-Private Ecosystem for Implementation and Business Continuity 

African economies continue to display resilience, with an average growth rate projected at 4.1 percent in 2023–24. How can PPPs be instrumental in driving long-term change by creating a regulatory environment conducive to the infusion of global capital, thus fostering replicable and scalable health equity solutions?


Hassan Boubrik, Chief Executive Officer, CNSS

Linda Obi, Council Member, Forbes Business Council 

Nasser Massoud, Chair Social Sector PPP Chapter, World Association of PPP Units & PPP Professionals (WAPPP)

Dr. Saad Chaacho, Deputy General Manager, Mediot 

Ibironke Akinmade, Group Head, Health Finance, Sterling Bank 

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