Fincra to Launch EUR Virtual Account at GITEX AFRICA 2024

Fincra unveils its EUR Virtual Account at GITEX AFRICA 2024, simplifying Euro payments for African businesses.

Fincra, a pan-African payment technology company, is set to unveil its latest Banking as a Service (BaaS) product, the EUR Virtual Account, at GITEX AFRICA Morocco 2024. This innovative solution will enable businesses across North and Francophone Africa to collect foreign currency payments easily.

Fincra has built the EUR Virtual Account to simplify the process of businesses receiving Euro payments, which can be done effortlessly through simple bank transfers. This capability will benefit a wide range of industries, from traditional retail and e-commerce to hospitality, tourism, and professional services, enabling them to serve their European clientele better.

As part of the launch, Fincra will be at Booth 19C-30, Hall 19 of the GITEX AFRICA Morocco 2024, exhibiting its EUR Virtual Account and their other payment solutions for businesses. 

With this launch, Fincra is expanding its comprehensive suite of payment solutions, which already includes various tools to facilitate seamless transactions. 

These tools, part of the Pay-In product line, allow businesses to accept payments through multiple methods, such as checkout systems and payment links. 

Fincra’s Pay-In solutions support payments via cards, bank transfers, and mobile money, providing businesses with versatile options to cater to their customers.

Fincra currently offers virtual accounts in various currencies, including the Nigerian Naira (NGN), Kenyan Shilling (KES), Ghanaian Cedi (GHS), and Ugandan Shilling (UGX). The introduction of the EUR Virtual Account marks the company’s first foray into offering a currency solution outside Africa, aiming to meet the specific needs of businesses in North and Francophone Africa.

Imagine a bustling marketplace in Marrakech where a local artisan can sell handcrafted goods to a customer in Paris as easily as a local transaction. Similarly, a hotel or restaurant in Egypt can now accept Euro payments from European tourists through straightforward bank transfers to a virtual account. In Tunisia, tech startups can issue virtual accounts to their diaspora, allowing seamless Euro transactions back home thanks to Fincra’s robust infrastructure.

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