CASHPLUS Ventures to Showcase Innovation and Foster Partnerships at GITEX Africa 2024

CASHPLUS Ventures joins GITEX Africa 2024, promoting fintech, logistics, and mobility startups with interactive exhibits and “The Pitch Elevator.”

The CASHPLUS Group has announced the participation of its investment vehicle, CASHPLUS Ventures, in GITEX Africa 2024, one of the continent’s largest technology trade shows, which will be held from May 29 to 31 in Marrakech.

This presence marks a crucial step in the company’s growth and innovation strategy, aiming to strengthen its position in the African and international markets. CASHPLUS Ventures, dedicated to supporting and enhancing high-potential startups, will showcase its commitment to innovation and the development of fintech, logistics, and mobility tech solutions. During GITEX Africa, CASHPLUS Ventures will present a comprehensive and innovative setup designed to attract startups and foster strategic partnerships.

CASHPLUS Ventures’ mission is to identify and finance growth-phase startups that demonstrate transformational potential in their sectors through disruptive innovations.

CASHPLUS Ventures has taken three promising startups under its wing: Tawssil, Sle3ti, and Weego, to support them towards success.

  • Tawssil is revolutionizing the on-demand delivery sector with its fast and flexible service, catering to the needs of individuals and e-commerce businesses.
  • Sle3ti transforms the distribution of consumer goods through its innovative platform that facilitates contact between retailers and FMCG in Morocco.
  • Weego optimizes urban mobility with its carpooling and public transport platform, significantly reducing congestion and carbon emissions.

Thanks to the strategic and financial support of CASHPLUS Ventures, these startups have made remarkable progress, becoming key players in their respective fields.

As part of its participation in GITEX Africa, CASHPLUS Ventures announces the installation of an interactive booth that promises an immersive experience for all visitors.

This space is designed to highlight the company’s achievements and open new avenues for collaboration.

One of the main attractions at this booth will be “The Pitch Elevator.” This unique initiative will allow visitors to present their innovative projects through a recorded video pitch in a specially designed space. This platform is conceived as a springboard for emerging talents, offering unprecedented visibility to new ideas and encouraging open innovation.

With this setup, CASHPLUS Ventures reinforces its commitment to innovation and the development of enriching professional synergies. The company invites all GITEX Africa participants to visit their booth and seize the opportunity to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

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