Africa Data Protection publishes its first digital awareness kit for young people

At the official launch of Africa Data Protection on Wednesday, May 29th in Marrakech, the association was pleased to announce the publication of its first kit designed to raise awareness among young people of the risks of digital technology. The kit has four chapters:

1. Understanding the Internet and personal data

2. Protecting your privacy online

3. Security and confidentiality

4. Responsible use of the Internet and privacy

For the project team, this kit represents a major step forward in protecting young Internet users in Africa: ‘We live in an age where digital technology is an integral part of young people’s daily lives. It is crucial to educate them about good practice and the risks associated with using the Internet so that they can surf in complete safety.

The mission of the Africa Data Protection association is to promote the protection of personal data and awareness of digital security on the African continent. This kit is the first in a series of initiatives aimed at educating young people and preparing them for the challenges of the digital world.

Educational content tailored to young people

The awareness-raising kit stands out for its educational approach tailored to young people. Each chapter is designed to be interactive and engaging, with case studies and illustrations to make key concepts easier to understand. For example, there is practical advice on how to create secure passwords and recognise phishing attempts.

Resources for educators and parents

As well as being a valuable tool for young people, the kit is also aimed at educators and parents.

A commitment to the community

The project team also stresses the importance of working with local stakeholders: ‘We have worked closely with data protection experts and young people themselves to develop content that really addresses their needs and concerns.’

A call to action

Africa Data Protection is calling on everyone in society – educators, parents, public and private institutions – to get involved in this awareness-raising initiative. The association plans to organise workshops and events in various regions to promote the use of this kit and reinforce the culture of digital security among young Africans.

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