President Mnangagwa Approves Starlink to Boost Zimbabwe’s Digital Connectivity

Starlink licensed to provide high-speed, low-cost internet across Zimbabwe, focusing on rural areas and digital inclusion.

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa announced on X that he has approved the licensing of Starlink by POTRAZ, set to offer advanced internet services in Zimbabwe through its local partner, IMC Communications (Pvt) Ltd. This strategic move aligns with the government’s Vision 2030 agenda, emphasizing innovation, science, and technology as pillars of development.

Starlink, a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite operator owned by SpaceX, led by billionaire Elon Musk, will deploy high-speed, low-cost internet infrastructure across Zimbabwe, prioritizing rural areas. This initiative supports the Administration’s goal of inclusive development and reinforces Zimbabwe’s stance as an attractive investment destination.

President Mnangagwa highlighted the significance of this development, urging further foreign investment to bolster Zimbabwe’s telecommunications sector. He congratulated IMC Communications and Starlink for their role in advancing Zimbabwe’s digital and communications technology landscape, essential for achieving a fully digitalized, upper-middle income economy by 2030.

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