PortaOne’s Formula for IoT Success: Putting the Right Tools in the Right Hands

PortaOne supports IoT startups globally with its IoT Mill product and new Business Case Competition.

Innovation is rarely found in a closed box. PortaOne, the Ukraine- and Canada-based provider of billing, business support systems, and cloud telephony, understood this fact nearly 25 years ago when it first began to open up its software systems by providing the source code and inviting its clients to adapt its platforms to their own market needs. Today, the company is extending that philosophy by supporting Internet of Things innovation in Africa and beyond with its IoT Mill product and the new IoT Mill Business Case Competition.

From the beginning, we knew we couldn’t offer something generic to CSPs and MVNOs and expect them to sell a ‘standard’ set of products that only differ in naming and price. Every market is different – right to the community level. We give our clients access to our source code and API, and they use that to create incredible integrations, services, and regionally tailored products that are designed for very specific needs. It might be a unique cloud PBX offering, custom data bundles, a new MVNO service – they are the ones who know their market, and what it’s missing.

Andriy Zhylenko, CEO, PortaOne

Now, as IoT begins to fulfill its promise across telecommunications, agriculture, city building, climate mitigation, and beyond, PortaOne is ready to support innovators in those industries with IoT Mill. This comprehensive, fully assembled rapid deployment kit allows startups to bring their ideas to market in two weeks or less, so they can get to work perfecting those ideas using real customer feedback while earning real revenue. Through its newly launched IoT Mill Business Case Competition, PortaOne aims to put a free device into the hands of winning IoT startups across the globe – fuelling local innovation to advance communities.

Real, local problem-solving is never a story of some multinational coming into a country like Nigeria or South Africa to resell some sensors or a pre-made device. They won’t know the region, they won’t know what’s needed, and they won’t have access to local creativity and knowledge. Our goal is to work with regional service providers and innovators in different niches, and connect them with a business ecosystem: IoT Mill, sensors, connectivity, real-time billing and charging, data processing, workflow integrations, feedback, engineering support. Now they’ll have the tools to quickly create something unique that can be a genuine asset for people within their customer group.

Andriy Zhylenko, CEO, PortaOne

PortaOne clients and other innovators are already using IoT to help businesses, farmers, and cities with solutions like remote monitoring of cattle health, drought mitigation, wildlife control, and more.

If you can find an innovator at the right moment, early in their process, and give them the right tools, they’ll be able to launch something that can change lives. Everyone can be a part of it – not just the innovators, but also the local service providers, the sensor developers, the people who use the innovations, even the cattle. It’s a benefit for everybody.

Andriy Zhylenko, CEO, PortaOne

Submissions for the PortaOne IoT Mill Business Case Competition are open until May 31. To learn more, visit https://iotmill.io/iot-mill-business-case-competition.

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