PLDT and stc Group Partner to Enhance International Voice Services for Filipinos in MENA

PLDT and stc Group’s new partnership enhances international voice services, improving communication for Filipinos overseas.

PLDT, is the Philippines’ largest fully integrated telco company, through its wholly-owned international subsidiary PLDT Global and Saudi-based stc Group, the engine of digital transformation in MENA, have signed a strategic agreement to deliver a seamless international voice service experience for Filipinos living overseas as well as Enterprise customers, with a special focus on enhancing communication for Filipinos living abroad and those engaged in overseas travel.

The partnership positions stc Group as the exclusive international voice traffic aggregator for PLDT and Smart.  It leverages the Group’s 25 years of experience in voice wholesale traffic aggregation, globally recognized international business relationships, state-of-the-art facilities, and international networks spreading across Europe, Africa, and Asia.  

A pivotal aspect of this strategic collaboration with stc Group lies in our dedication to guarantee superior call quality for international communication services, especially when Filipinos abroad reach out to their families in the Philippines. Aligned with PLDT’s overarching vision to empower communities through cost-effective and reliable telecommunications services, our commitment ensures the delivery of a consistently exceptional customer experience.

Albert V. Villa-Rea, President and CEO, PLDT Global

The partnership will implement advanced technologies to mitigate common issues such as call drops and voice distortion, ultimately providing an improved communication experience.

This partnership exemplifies the strong alignment of values between stc Group and PLDT and is a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to build a resilient communications ecosystem that meets the diverse needs of the growing digital community around the globe. This collaboration also demonstrates the Group’s commitment to expanding the scale and scope of stc product offerings and utilizes the Kingdom’s strategic location at the crossroads of east and west.

Eng.  Mohammed Al-Abbadi, Carrier & Wholesale Officer, stc Group

In delivering world-class communication services, stc Group and PLDT will address the increasing demand for dependable communication channels between Filipinos living overseas and their families back home, with the aim of enriching lives.

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