Tigo Tanzania Launches ‘Sako Kwa Bako’ Campaign Celebrating 20 Million Subscribers Milestone

Tigo Tanzania introduces campaign evoking nostalgia and gratitude, commemorating over 20 million subscribers.

Tigo Tanzania Plc has unveiled its ‘Sako Kwa Bako’ campaign, celebrating a remarkable achievement of surpassing 20 million subscribers. Translating to “together every step of the way,” the campaign signifies unity and appreciation for customer loyalty.

At the heart of the campaign is a commitment to strengthening the bond between Tigo and its customers by evoking cherished memories and shared experiences. From iconic taglines to groundbreaking services, ‘Sako Kwa Bako’ aims to reignite nostalgia and gratitude.

The event, graced by CEO Kamal Okba, CCO Isack Nchunda, and Director of Marketing Edwardina Mgendi, marks an exciting milestone in Tigo’s journey towards redefining customer communications and financial experiences in Tanzania.

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