Orange Ventures and Digital Africa Strengthen Support for African Startups

Orange Ventures and Digital Africa partner to boost financing and support for African startups through the Orange Digital Centers.

A partnership agreement was signed at Vivatech by Fayçal Adlouni, Managing Partner of Orange Ventures, and Grégoire de Padirac, CEO of Digital Africa to strengthen and accelerate support for African startups from the Orange Digital Centers (ODC). Asma Ennaifer, Executive Director of CSR, Communications and the Orange Digital Center program for Orange Africa and the Middle East, is delighted with this initiative, which strenghtens the strategic partnership signed in June 2023 with Digital Africa to facilitate the financing and support of startups from the ODC network.

This partnership expresses the commitment of Orange Ventures and Digital Africa to further invest in startups accelerated by the ODC network. Through the Fuzé scheme, it is now possible to double the funds committed by one of the two parties, through joint appraisal of applications and the possibility of joint financing. Orange Digital Center is an ecosystem deployed in 17 countries in Africa and the Middle East, and 8 countries in Europe, bringing together in a single location a range of free programs open to all, from digital training for young people to startup incubation and acceleration, as well as support for and investment in project leaders. It offers support throughout the startup lifecycle, with the aim of stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

During the first year, five startups in the ODC network received funding of up to €50,000 per startup as part of Digital Africa’s Fuzé program. Three of these beneficiaries are based in Cameroon: Clinihome (Healthtech), Koree (Fintech) and Colorfol (cultural and creative industries), while the other two are Senegalese: Tolbi (Agritech) and Proboutik (Fintech). These funds will enable them to significantly expand their activities.

This new step involving Orange Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of the Orange Group, reflects the desire of both organizations to accelerate the growth of startups through a joint support scheme for African entrepreneurs seeking financing. At the signing ceremony, representatives from Orange, OMEA and Digital Africa expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to the success of this new initiative.

The Orange Group is fully committed to nurturing the future champions of the technology scene in Africa and the Middle East. This arrangement, involving Orange Middle East and Africa, Orange Ventures and Digital Africa will collectively enable us to concentrate our resources to create an environment conducive to the success of startups in Africa and the Middle East.

Fayçal Adlouni, CEO, Orange Ventures

Orange Digital Centers are true catalysts for innovation, where ideas take shape and dreams become reality. By joining forces with Orange Ventures and Digital Africa, we’re giving African startups the means to thrive and make their mark in a rapidly expanding digital world.

Asma Ennaifer, Executive Director of CSR, Communications and the Orange Digital Center Program, Orange Middle East and Africa

I am delighted by this partnership with Orange, with whom we share the same commitment to supporting African entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of maturity by providing them with a comprehensive range of financing and support services.

Grégoire de Padirac, CEO, Digital Africa

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