Axiz IT Summit Gathers Over 500 Leaders to Drive Africa’s Digital Transformation

Axiz and Mauritius Institute of Directors host IT Summit, gathering 500 leaders to discuss sustainable tech, AI, and cloud computing.

Axiz, a leading distributor of technology in Africa, in collaboration with the Mauritius Institute of Directors is hosting an IT Summit that focuses on the dynamic technology landscape in Mauritius and across Africa. Scheduled from May 23 to 24, the summit aims to bring together over 500 industry leaders, tech innovators, and policymakers to discuss the integration of sustainable technology, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Axiz CEO Craig Brunsden highlighted the importance of the summit as a platform for discussing the rapid technological transformation in Mauritius and across Africa.

This summit provides a unique platform to address the critical technological challenges and opportunities facing countries in Africa today.

Craig Brunsden, CEO, Axiz

The discussions at the summit will focus on:

• Sustainable technology: Examining eco-friendly technologies that align with the sustainable development goals of African nations.

• Big Data and AI: exploring the transformative impact of big data and AI in optimising business operations and policymaking across Africa.

• Cloud computing – assessing the benefits of cloud technology in enhancing the security and scalability of businesses in the digital age.

Brunsden added that the partnership with the Mauritius Institute of Directors brings to focus the connection between effective leadership and technological advancement.

By bringing together experts and leaders, we are setting the stage for a future where technology drives growth and innovation throughout Africa.

Craig Brunsden, CEO, Axiz

This summit will also highlight the strategic role of distributors like Axiz in nurturing an environment that supports the widespread adoption and implementation of advanced technologies in Africa.

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