Felix Mutati Praises Huawei for Boosting Innovation and Education

Felix Mutati praises Huawei’s support for Zambian students and government’s digital infrastructure expansion.

Felix Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Science and Technology, recently expressed gratitude to Huawei for its substantial support of the Hakainde Hichilema Innovation Fund (HHIF). In a Facebook post, Mutati highlighted Huawei’s sponsorship of 50 students in 2023, enabling them to develop their prototypes into tangible projects.

He also praised Huawei’s “Seeds for the Future” program, which took Zambian youths to China to enhance their technological knowledge. Mutati noted that these youths returned home with valuable insights, adopting innovative practices learned during their stay.

Emphasizing the government’s commitment to technological advancement, Mutati stated that the New Dawn Government is aggressively expanding digital infrastructure. This initiative aims to reduce business costs and empower rural areas in Zambia to access information and conduct business seamlessly using digital tools.

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