Severe Internet Disruptions Hit East Africa Due to Multiple Subsea Cable Faults

Internet connectivity in East Africa is significantly impaired due to faults in several key subsea cables.

Ben Roberts, Group CTIO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, announced on X that internet connectivity to East Africa is severely impaired due to disruptions in all subsea cable connections between East Africa and South Africa. The EASSy cable has a confirmed fault, and the Seacom cable is also experiencing issues.

Roberts noted that the situation is particularly critical as multiple subsea cables have been affected simultaneously. In addition to the EASSy and Seacom cables, three cable cuts in the Red Sea, which impact the Seacom, EIG, and AAE1 cables, remain unrepaired. These disruptions have caused significant connectivity problems for users and businesses in the region.

The simultaneous faults in these critical subsea cables have resulted in a severe reduction in internet capacity and reliability, affecting a wide range of services that depend on stable internet access.

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