Spacecom and Eutelsat OneWeb Conduct Multi-Orbit Satellite Trial for Enhanced Communication Solutions

Spacecom and Eutelsat OneWeb collaborate on innovative trial for flexible, high-performance communication solutions.

Spacecom, a satellite communication service provider and operator of the AMOS satellite, is currently conducting an innovative joint trial on Multi-Orbit satellites in collaboration with Eutelsat OneWeb, the world’s first GEO-LEO satellite operator, delivering ubiquitous global connectivity. The trial combines GEO satellites owned by Spacecom and Eutelsat OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation.

The integration of communication services over multiple orbits is at the forefront of technology and will enable Spacecom to provide flexible and tailored communication solutions to meet the changing communication needs of its customers while continuing to deliver high-performance communication solutions compared to the market.

As part of the installations being carried out at Spacecom’s site in Neve-Ilan and in coordination with the Ministry of Communications, Spacecom will demonstrate the performance of Eutelsat OneWeb’s satellite terminals against a variety of scenarios, including providing backup services in emergency situations and communication continuity to communities, which are particularly relevant at this time. In addition, the performance of a communication system combining Spacecom’s AMOS satellites and Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO satellites will be examined in terms of delivering communication services to the telecom and business sectors.

The innovative service supports various options to ensure the highest level of service with a commitment to SLA compliance, allowing end-to-end encryption at the network, transmission, and application levels, and delivering personalized communication services tailored to customer needs.

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