I’M IN Ideation Celebrates Graduation of 30 Female-Student-Founded Start-ups in South Africa

The partnership between I’M IN and Telkom FutureMakers nurtures female entrepreneurship, empowering graduates for success.

A momentous occasion unfolded as the I’M IN Entreprenuerial Programme in partnership with Telkom’s Enterprise and Supplier Development unit, Telkom FutureMakers, JP Morgan and the Embassy of Ireland, collaborated to mark a remarkable milestone – the graduation of 30 Female-Student-Founded start-ups. This event that took place today, 26 April 2024 in Rosebank, Johannesburg, symbolises not just an end but a glorious beginning, as these graduates stand poised to venture into the next phase of their entrepreneurial odyssey, equipped with newfound expertise, insights, and an unyielding spirit.

I’M IN Ideation shines brightly as a guiding light for female students hailing from universities and colleges in lower living standard measure (LSM) areas. It serves as a robust platform, offering vital resources, mentorship, and direction crucial for stepping confidently into the realm of entrepreneurship. More than just fostering businesses, this initiative embodies a profound commitment to nurturing innovation and empowerment among women, who have historically encountered obstacles in accessing entrepreneurial avenues.

The symbiotic partnership between IM IN and Telkom FutureMakers plays a pivotal role in this noble endeavour. By championing black-owned, high-growth tech startups, they not only unlock opportunities for technically adept entrepreneurs but also enable access to resources previously beyond reach for many.

Through this potent collaboration, Telkom FutureMakers is catalysing the rise of the next generation of female entrepreneurs in South Africa. As this transformative journey unfolds, it heralds a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Tshepo Phetla, Head of Business Development, Telkom FutureMakers

The ripple effects of initiatives like I’M IN Ideation extend far beyond the confines of a graduation ceremony. By nurturing creativity and empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs in tandem with Telkom FutureMakers, it nurtures a new cohort of trailblazers poised to ignite positive change in their communities and propel the nation’s economic advancement.

This targeted approach is poised to transform access to entrepreneurial resources and opportunities, empowering students from underserved communities to unleash their potential and establish sustainable tech-driven enterprises.

Tshepo Phetla, Head of Business Development, Telkom FutureMakers

The graduation ceremony not only commemorates past triumphs but also serves as a harbinger of the promising horizon ahead. With stalwart support from organisations like Telkom FutureMakers and initiatives like I’M IN Ideation, the journey of female entrepreneurs in South Africa brims with boundless possibilities.

As we applaud the graduates of our Ideation program, we spotlight the trailblazing women start-ups whose entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity have ignited positive change. It gives us a great sense of achievement as this programme reaffirms our commitment to financial inclusion of the youth and particularly young women.

The success of this cohort demonstrates our relentless commitment to identify the young women at grassroots level and support them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Supporting, funding and scaling entrepreneurial businesses are the fundamental aspects of our programmes. This graduation marks a significant milestone showcasing innovation, agility and great concepts that have the potential to disrupt traditional industries. We will ensure that the cohort graduates are fully supported in their next phase of growing their businesses, through customised investor readiness programmes and appropriate funding instruments.

Mohau Polo Leteka, Founder and Director, I’M IN Accelerator

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