Cellulant Integrates Telcel Cash for Google Play Users in Ghana, Enhancing Payment Options

Google Play users in Ghana can now use Telcel Cash for mobile money payments, boosting accessibility.

Cellulant, a leading payments technology company that enables global enterprise merchants to connect with billions of consumers in emerging markets, has announced the integration of Telcel Cash as an alternative payment method for Google Play users in Ghana.

This integration offers Google Play users the convenience of adding their Telcel Cash wallet, enabling them to utilise mobile money payments for services on the platform. This move aims to enhance usage and downloads in a market where international card usage is limited.

Ghana, like many African nations, experiences low card penetration, fostering the growth of alternative payment methods, such as the mobile money wallet. These wallets, provided by mobile network operators, have become the mainstream financial service in numerous African countries. Today, Africa accounts for 70% of the world’s 1 trillion mobile money market driving innovation and adoption of mobile payments worldwide.

Building one of the most inclusive purchasing experiences for Google Play users is a key driver for us to expand our payment options in Ghana, and beyond.

Kevin McDaid, Head of Partnerships, Payments Platform EMEA

Richard Gesimba, Vice President of Cellulant’s Checkout Business Unit, highlighted the significance of localised payment methods for international e-commerce companies in emerging markets. He expressed Cellulant’s satisfaction in playing a crucial role in facilitating payments for Google Play, enabling thousands of users in Ghana to access services, while also contributing to Google Play’s deeper penetration of the African market.

The integration of Telcel Cash in Ghana marks the first partnership between Google and Cellulant in the region. Over the past three years, Cellulant has consistently invested in expanding its real-time payment solutions to cater to global brands.

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