Madica’s Initial Investments Propel African Tech Startups: Kola Market, GoBEBA, and Newform Foods

Madica fuels innovation with investments in Kola Market, GoBEBA, and Newform Foods, driving African tech.

Madica, a venture capital firm, has announced its initial investments in three innovative startups: Kola Market, GoBEBA, and Newform Foods. Each company received up to $200,000, marking a significant step toward realizing Madica’s vision of revolutionizing Africa’s technology landscape.

In addition to financial support, Madica offers founders 18 months of comprehensive assistance, including mentorship, executive coaching, peer-to-peer learning, immersion trips, access to global networks and investors, and tools to accelerate their startup’s growth.

Since its establishment in 2022, Madica, in partnership with its affiliate Flourish Ventures, has been committed to empowering underrepresented founders and driving change across the continent. This year, the firm plans to expand its impact by investing in up to ten additional startups, further fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

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