Safaricom Showcases Tech Solutions to President Ruto, Highlighting Digital Identity and Youth Empowerment

Safaricom CEO guides President Ruto through innovative solutions, emphasizing digital identity and youth empowerment.

During a recent event, Safaricom’s CEO, Peter Ndegwa C.B.S, accompanied by H.E President William Ruto, toured Safaricom’s experiential booth. The booth showcased a range of Safaricom’s innovative technology solutions aimed at driving digital transformation across Africa.

Among the highlighted solutions was the Safaricom Digital Identity platform, designed to provide secure and accessible digital identity management for both consumers and enterprises across the continent. This platform aims to address the growing need for reliable digital identity verification in various sectors.

Additionally, Safaricom presented Hustler Connect, a multifaceted platform dedicated to empowering youth in the informal sector. The platform facilitates connections to opportunities and offers essential digital tools and resources to support entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Another notable showcase was the Connect Academy, serving as a center of excellence for training and developing skilled fiber optic technicians in Kenya. This initiative aligns with Safaricom’s commitment to building local capacity and fostering skill development within the telecommunications industry.

Safaricom also highlighted its Green and Circular economy solutions, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, the Safaricom RCS platform was showcased, offering businesses the opportunity to engage with customers through rich and interactive messaging experiences.

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