Ericsson, Istanbul Technical University, and Turkcell Launch 5G Test Network at İTÜ Campus

The collaborative effort introduces a 5G test network, showcasing high-speed connectivity and fostering R&D opportunities.

Ericsson has partnered with Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) and Turkcell to establish a 5G test network at İTÜ’s Ayazağa Campus. The network will showcase the groundbreaking benefits of 5G while providing a development and test environment for new and enhanced use cases.

The 5G test network at İTÜ Ayazağa Campus is built using Ericsson Radio System products and Ericsson 5G Standalone Core.

The campus will experience better connectivity, high data speed and low latency. The 5G test network will also create a collaborative environment for academia, industries, and telecom ecosystem players to conduct R&D activities.

The first use case is an ongoing test run of a fully functioning autonomous bus, powered by 5G, within the university campus.

Istanbul Technical University play a leading role not only in education and research but also in innovation and technology transfer. This R&D collaboration with Turkcell and Ericsson brings together the academic expertise of our university with industry and technology, providing unique opportunities for our students and researchers. The 5G Technology Campus expands the boundaries of science by providing an environment where academic research can be translated into real-world applications. The 5G test network established here will serve as a testing ground for our researchers to explore how these new technologies can improve people’s lives. Additionally, it will provide an ideal opportunity for our students to participate in 5G studies and actively contribute to the development of innovative information and communication technology solutions. In doing so, we will also contribute to strengthening the talent pool in the technology field.

Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu Rector, ITU

As Turkcell, we support any innovative approach that will make our country more competitive on the global technology map. The next-generation 5G technology will have a transformative impact on all industries, from education to health, transportation to industry, in the near future. Through this collaboration with Istanbul Technical University and Ericsson, we bring together academisions and young minds with the business community and implement various use-case scenarios and practical applications of the latest technologies. Our efforts to provide next-generation mobile networks for individuals and institutions continue. In the coming years, we will expand the domestic ecosystem with similar R&D projects. With the accumulation of knowledge, we will continue to lead and guide our country’s transition to 5G technology.

Dr. Ali Taha Koç, General Manager, Turkcell

At Ericsson, we are committed to continuing the development of the technology and research and development ecosystem in collaboration with Türkiye’s leading academic institutions and communication service providers. The initiation of the 5G Technology Campus at Istanbul Technical University is a step in our joint efforts to build a more connected digital future using emerging technologies. Ericsson and Turkcell have been in a close partnership since the introduction of 2G mobile communication in Türkiye. The two companies have been closely collaborating to establish state-of-the-art mobile telecommunications networks to enhance the quality of life in the country, empower businesses, and support sustainable development. We are delighted to be part of this important collaboration in establishing the 5G Technology Campus at Istanbul Technical University.

Işıl Yalçın, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Türkiye, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

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