Seeds for the Future Program Returns to In-Person Training in 2024

Huawei’s renowned CSR initiative resumes physical training for students, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Huawei’s renowned “Seeds for the Future” program, a pillar of its CSR initiatives since 2008, is set to return to in-person training in 2024. Collaborating with Kenya’s ICT Authority since 2014, the program has provided invaluable experiences to over 240 students, bridging the gap between academic learning and practical ICT skills. In 2023, 50 students participated in virtual sessions, connecting with global tech experts. This year, 10 students will undergo a rigorous three-week program, including virtual training, hands-on sessions in Kenya, and a digital and cultural tour in South Africa.

Candidate Profile: University students with academic excellence, a keen interest in ICT, cross-cultural exchanges, and entrepreneurship, and a passion for technology trends. Multilingual skills are an advantage.

Application Requirements:

  • Resume.
  • Proof of academic achievement.
  • Cover letter detailing motivation, relevant experiences, interests, and potential contributions.
  • Additional certificates demonstrating leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Important Notes:

  • Selection is competitive, with only shortlisted candidates invited.
  • Timely application submission is crucial.
  • Participation is non-salaried, and does not guarantee future employment with Huawei.

Huawei’s commitment to nurturing ICT talent underscores its dedication to fostering vibrant digital communities globally.

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