Safaricom Extends Network Coverage to Oda Negaya, Kombolcha-Bati, Gol, and Akesta Town

Enhancing connectivity with fast 4G internet speeds, Safaricom extends its network to additional Ethiopian areas.

Safaricom, a leading telecommunications provider, has expanded its network coverage to Oda Negaya, Kombolcha-Bati, Gol, and Akesta Town in Ethiopia. This development marks a significant milestone in Safaricom’s commitment to providing Ethiopians with high-quality mobile services.

Residents of these areas can now enjoy access to Safaricom’s fast and reliable 4G internet speeds, enhancing their connectivity and mobile experience. The expansion aligns with Safaricom’s ongoing dedication to delivering superior telecommunications services across Ethiopia.

This initiative reflects Safaricom’s mission to bridge the digital divide and empower communities through accessible and efficient communication infrastructure.

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