Ericsson and MTN Uganda Empower Female Traders with Financial Training on Women’s Day

Ericsson and MTN Uganda celebrated International Women’s Day by training female traders in Kampala on financial literacy and mobile money usage.

In a collaborative effort to celebrate International Women’s Day, Ericsson has teamed up with MTN Uganda to provide essential financial training to female traders at Kalerwe Market in Kampala. This initiative focuses on leveraging the MTN UG Mobile Financial Services platform, powered by Ericsson Wallet, to enhance the economic empowerment of women.

The training program, which spanned three weeks, commenced on March 7th with a notable visit from MTN Uganda’s CEO, Sylvia Mulinge, to the market. This visit highlighted the direct engagement with the market’s businesswomen, setting a supportive tone for the event.

Throughout the event, volunteers from MTN and Ericsson dedicated their time to educate the women on vital financial concepts, including savings, cash flow management, and improving credit scores. More so, the program offered practical guidance on utilizing mobile money for various business transactions—such as transferring, paying, receiving, borrowing, and saving money, showcasing the growth and benefits mobile financial services bring to their enterprises.

Highlighting the success stories, the event also featured testimonial sessions from women entrepreneurs who have significantly scaled their businesses using the MoMo platform, based on the foundational teachings provided.

Culminating the event, a competition recognized the top five businesswomen who recorded the highest MoMo transactions in March. These entrepreneurs were awarded prizes to further support their business endeavors, marking a celebratory end to a fruitful initiative aimed at fostering financial independence and growth among female traders in Kampala.

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