Oman Advances in Space: Etlaq and Etco Forge Pioneering Partnership

Etlaq Spaceport and Etco Space sign MoU, marking a new era in Oman’s space sector development.

In a significant move to advance Oman’s presence in the space industry, “Etlaq Spaceport” and “Etco Space” have entered into a groundbreaking partnership, announced during a ceremony hosted by “Omantel”. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Azzan bin Abdullah Al Mamari and Issam bin Abdulrahman Al Zadjali, setting the stage for an ambitious journey into space exploration and technological innovation within the Sultanate.

The collaboration between “Etlaq” and “Etco” is poised to foster a new era of innovation in Oman’s space sector, with both entities committed to enhancing space services and developing cutting-edge technological solutions. “Etlaq Spaceport” will offer the crucial infrastructure for research and development, while “Etco” will contribute its specialized knowledge in satellite technology and space propulsion systems. This partnership aims to not only benefit both organizations but also significantly contribute to the Sultanate of Oman’s advancements in space technology.

Key aspects of the partnership include prioritizing “Etlaq” for launching “Etco’s” payloads, transforming “Etlaq Spaceport” into a central hub for space technology innovation, promoting knowledge exchange and capacity building, and supporting local innovations through shared resources for satellite data analysis and space communications.

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