Ethiopia’s Digital Future Explored: Insights from a Panel at National Conference

Key figures, including Ethio telecom CEO, Frehiwot Tamru, discuss digital infrastructure, AI, and cybersecurity at conference.

At the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum, Ethiopia’s digital progress was scrutinized in a high-level panel discussion during the Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy Review National Conference. Notable figures including Ethiopia’s National Bank Governor, Mamo Mihretu, and Ethio telecom CEO, Frehiwot Tamru, shared insights on various facets of the country’s digital journey.

Ms. Tamru emphasized the pivotal role of digital infrastructure in realizing the vision of a digital Ethiopia. She highlighted the strides made in deploying telecom, electric power, data centers, and digital ID systems, stressing the imperative to leverage these foundations for economic growth. Tamru also credited policy reforms for enabling digital payment systems and creating an environment conducive to success.

Building Digital Ethiopia is a journey and some tangible results have been observed along the way.

Frehiwot Tamru, CEO, Ethio Telecom

She underscored ongoing efforts to expand power supply and enhance telecom accessibility as crucial steps towards digital transformation, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in infrastructure development.

The panelists delved into various topics, including the impact of mobile money services on the financial sector, the potential of artificial intelligence for socio-economic development, initiatives to bolster cybersecurity measures, and integrating digital education into the national curriculum. Their discussions underscored the multifaceted approach required to build a secure and progressive digital ecosystem in Ethiopia.

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