Airtel Group Discusses Digital Expansion and Social Projects with Gabon’s President Nguema

Airtel CEO presents digital initiatives to President Nguema, emphasizing connectivity and social development in Gabon.

In a significant development aimed at bolstering Gabon’s digital infrastructure and commitment to social projects, General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema, President of the Transition and Head of State of the Republic, held a productive meeting with Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the Airtel Group. The meeting, which took place at the Presidential Palace, saw Mr. Mittal extending his greetings and discussing Airtel’s journey over 14 years of operations and its deep involvement in social initiatives.

During this engaging dialogue, Mr. Mittal outlined an ambitious digital development project spearheaded by Airtel, aimed at enhancing Gabon’s connectivity. This includes expanding the national internet network through satellite coverage and the strategic installation of a submarine cable. These initiatives are poised to significantly uplift the digital landscape of Gabon, promoting greater accessibility and connectivity across the nation.

Expressing his appreciation for Airtel Group’s contributions and investment in Gabon, President Nguema highlighted the importance of such collaborations for the country’s progress. He encouraged Airtel to further its participation in projects that not only advance technological development but also focus on social and educational betterment.

This meeting marks a pivotal moment for Gabon, as it seeks to leverage Airtel’s expertise and commitment to transform its digital infrastructure, thereby fostering socio-economic development and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

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