Westcon-Comstor and Zscaler Elevate Cloud Security in Southern Africa

The joint venture empowers businesses with advanced security solutions, expanding cybersecurity beyond traditional networks.

Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa, a leading global distributor, Westcon-Comstor, and cloud security pioneer Zscaler, recently launched their local partnership with resellers and customers in a series of events held in Johannesburg. The events offered insights into the nature of the Southern African collaboration between the vendor and the distributor, provided partners with an opportunity to improve their skills, and offered end-user customers insights into how they can elevate their security posture beyond just the network.

The event series commenced with a “Get Skilled with Zscaler” session, a full-day enablement event for pre-sales engineers and partners. This initiative aimed to deepen the technical understanding of Zscaler’s Zero Trust Cloud Architecture, a crucial component in today’s cloud-centric business environments. The series also featured a session for partner executives, an end-user session, and a partner marketing workshop.

Through our collaboration with Zscaler, we can introduce advanced security frameworks such as Zero Trust to a market that is becoming more aware of the need for comprehensive cyber security, extending beyond traditional network defences to include device-level protection. The launch event we hosted this past month underscores our joint dedication to equipping African businesses with top-tier cloud security solutions, ensuring their digital assets are safeguarded in every aspect.

David Odayar, Business Lead Cybersecurity, Westcon-Comstor, Southern Africa

Zscaler is globally positioned as a leading innovator in cloud security, transforming businesses’ approach to protect their IT infrastructure amidst digital evolution. Today, Zscaler delivers a wide-ranging and forward-thinking portfolio of security services, including secure access service edge (SASE), zero-trust network access, and comprehensive threat protection. Its cloud-native platform provides scalable, integrated security solutions that move beyond the limitations of traditional onsite hardware. This model enables organisations to adopt cloud applications and mobility securely, ensuring swift and protected access to resources within and outside the enterprise.

Furthermore, the company’s dedication to advancing cloud security and quick adaptation to the constantly changing cyber threat environment renders it a vital part of the security arsenal required by businesses across Southern Africa. The partnership established by Zscaler and Westcon-Comstor will provide resellers in the region with direct access to the resources needed to support a client’s investments in these technologies.

Westcon-Comstor showcased its 3D Labs and Tech Xpert services to Zscaler partners at the event. These offerings create a robust ecosystem that enhances the proficiency of Zscaler partners. The 3D Labs offer an engaging and dynamic space for an in-depth examination and trial of Zscaler’s cloud security solutions. Acting as a practical testing ground, these labs enable partners to showcase the capabilities of Zscaler’s products through simulations of real-world scenarios in a managed environment.

Furthermore, Westcon-Comstor’s Tech Xpert services offer a pool of technical knowledge and support. These services encompass specialised training led by experts, assistance in designing solutions, and support during implementation, guaranteeing that Zscaler partners are knowledgeable about the products and adept at customising these solutions to address customer requirements. The Tech Xpert team’s insight into Zscaler’s portfolio and the broader security ecosystem plays a crucial role in aiding partners to overcome intricate security challenges and implement effective and efficient solutions.

The integration of our 3D Labs and Tech Xpert services with Zscaler’s innovative solutions, courtesy of our exclusive distribution in the region, positions our partners at the forefront of the evolving cloud security landscape. This partnership ensures our partners are well-equipped with the necessary expertise and practical experience to implement Zscaler’s advanced security solutions effectively and marks a significant step in our joint effort to fortify the African market’s digital defences.

David Odayar, Business Lead Cybersecurity, Westcon-Comstor, Southern Africa

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