African Development Bank Funds Infrastructure Projects in Morocco’s Territorial Communities

The EUR 100 million loan agreement to support sustainable infrastructure development, improve public services, and boost economic growth.

The African Development Bank signed a loan agreement of EUR 100 million with the Fonds d’équipement communal (FEC) in Rabat, on Friday, March 15, to fund new investment and sustainable infrastructure projects backed by territorial communities.

The aim of the operation is to improve public services, particularly in rural areas, and support the emergence of new economic activities, investment opportunities and employment opportunities to help improve living conditions for local populations.

This partnership with the FEC is a first, and we’re delighted by it. Our priority, in investing in latest-generation infrastructure, is to include the territories and increase their attractiveness so that they become genuine development and competitiveness hubs. The most important aspect is the benefit we expect for local populations.

Achraf Hassan Tarsim, Country Manager for Morocco, African Development Bank

By supporting Morocco’s shift towards decentralization, the facility will help to consolidate and diversify the country’s production capacity and support growth in key economic sectors. Its purpose is to increase the country’s competitiveness, create new job opportunities, including for young people and women, and generate significant tax revenues for the state.

The conclusion of this loan agreement with the African Development Bank is part of the FEC’s strategy of opening up to international financing. It paves the way for new bilateral operations to continue, together with confidence and determination, to finance the development of territories and support their growth dynamic.

Omar Lahlou, Governor and General Manager, FEC

The project is in line with the Bank’s “High 5” strategic priorities and responds to Morocco’s targets for development, industrialization and improving people’s quality of life.

As a founding member of the African Development Bank, Morocco is one of the institution’s main beneficiary countries, with a cumulative commitment of over USD 12 billion. This funding covers a range of sectors, including energy, water, transport, agriculture, the financial sector and social development.

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