Grow With Safaricom Business Series Transforms SME Landscape in Kenya

The event empowereda SMEs with insights on technology, social media, and customer relationships for growth.

In a transformative event, the Grow With Safaricom Business series brought together a vibrant community of SMEs in Kenya. The gathering served as a pivotal moment, addressing critical challenges and exploring avenues for growth in the business landscape.

Diverse panel discussions delved deep into the hurdles faced by SMEs, ranging from manual sales logging to navigating regulatory compliance. Expert speakers shared invaluable insights, offering guidance on harnessing technology, optimizing social media platforms, and fostering robust customer relationships.

The event provided ample networking opportunities, facilitating meaningful connections among attendees and fostering collaboration. Discussions ranged from overcoming market access barriers to embracing digital solutions, reflecting a commitment to empowering SMEs for success in the digital age.

At Grow With Safaricom Business, the focus extends beyond mere goal-setting; it’s about creating tangible opportunities for success. Through collective efforts, the series aims to fortify the SME community, fostering resilience and innovation. Here’s to continued growth and prosperity on this journey of empowerment.

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