Ethio Telecom Elevates Digital Experience with New Innovation Center at Adwa Victory Memorial Museum

Ethio Telecom marks 129 years of service, launches Experience Center showcasing latest technologies for societal transformation.

Ethio telecom, a leading telecommunications operator in Africa, has faithfully served the nation and its people for the past 129 years by extensively providing telecommunications services throughout the country. In addition to introducing the latest technological products to society, the company has been engaged in multifaceted activities aimed at enhancing nationwide access to digital services and fostering the development of a robust, multi-faceted digital economy with unwavering commitment.

In particular, the company is actively contributing to the economic growth and overall development of the nation by providing the latest technologies and digital solutions. It fully leverages the potential of technological capabilities to realize the country’s vision for digital transformation, identifying key sectors that can benefit from technological support and enabling them to become more effective and competitive.

The company has marked a significant milestone in inaugurating its Experience Center at the historic Adwa Victory Memorial Museum where customers can experience the digital space, get inspired and explore the future. This innovative Experience Center will provide residential & enterprise customers with the opportunity to exhibit, engage with, and experience the latest technologies firsthand. The Center will showcase existing products and services, allow customers to test new digital technologies, and explore technological breakthroughs. 

The Experience Center features a retrospective of telecom technological development processes, narrates the current level of technological advancement, and predicts emerging technological development trends. The Center is meticulously organized to showcase the historical development stages of Ethio telecom, displaying telecom gadgets while highlighting the present and future levels of technological excellence. 

Additionally, the Center is planned to function as a testing ground for comprehensive solutions with the potential to drive significant advancements and innovation within the industry, featuring a range of innovative solutions such as smart Home Automation, telebirr financial transactions, immersive visitor experiences, Fintech integration, smart Agriculture techniques, smart Tourism services, Remote patient monitoring, smart Education gadgets, smart Mining practices, Cloud and Data center solutions, real-time safety monitoring, 5G-enabled music streaming, and other related new solutions. 

The Center showcases state-of-the-art technology, presenting verticals such as the health care sector, Agriculture, Education, a valuable opportunity to modernize their facilities using cutting-edge solutions. This initiative is designed to establish streamlined systems capable of reducing costs, minimizing resource wastage, and enhancing overall productivity ultimately paving the way for the digital transformation of the country.

In conclusion, the company is committed to ongoing efforts aimed at enhancing the country’s digital economy, elevating the standard of living for citizens, and driving societal transformation through technological advancements. Specifically focusing on initiatives that enhance customer experiences and foster technological innovation, we remain dedicated to paving the way for a brighter and more technologically advanced future.

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