Zain KSA and Huawei Partner for 5.5G Technology Advancements

The memorandum of Understanding focuses on deploying innovative 5.5G solutions, enhancing connectivity, and fostering digital transformation.

 At MWC Barcelona 2024, Zain KSA, the leading telecommunications and digital services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Huawei, to promote 5.5G technology applications. The MoU’s ultimate goal is to create a full-fledged suite of smart solutions for individuals and businesses under a “All in 5.5G” strategy by leveraging Huawei’s vast experience and innovative technological solutions, including 5.5G Radio, 5.5G Core, and 5.5G Transmission.

This collaboration underscores both parties’ commitment to roll out pioneering technology solutions within the telecom industry by providing enhanced connectivity solutions with improved downlink, uplink speed, and latency. Zain KSA and Huawei will focus on propelling technological advancements and expanding their market presence through the development and deployment of 5.5G technology in major cities. This aligns with Industry 4.0 requirements, and contributes to the Kingdom’s nationwide digital transformation under Saudi Vision 2030.

Zain KSA’s investment and development strategy prioritizes customer-centricity and continually strives to position Zain KSA as a first mover that brings the latest innovations in connectivity to individuals and businesses, driving inclusive, tech-driven progress that will contribute to the Kingdom’s comprehensive digital transformation, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 objectives. Our enhanced partnership with Huawei supports our overarching goal to design and deliver best-in-class solutions that will underpin our full-fledged suite of services and offerings to individuals and businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Abdulrahman Al-Mufadda, Chief Technology Officer, Zain KSA

Zain KSA is an important strategic partner for Huawei. We will maintain this strategic partnership through continuous innovation. Last year, we signed the 5.5G City MoU, which has already yielded good results. This year, we will expand this 5.5G and build an all-scenario 5.5G City, in order to provide Zain KSA a competitive edge in terms of network quality, user experience, brand development, and sustained business success.

Santiago Liang, GM, Huawei’s Zain KSA

This partnership underscores a commitment to eco-conscious innovation by introducing green connectivity solutions. Through their joint innovative projects, Zain KSA and Huawei are delivering unparalleled, sustainable experiences to customers and paving the way for a future-ready telecom ecosystem that will support the burgeoning business sector and underpin a digital economy and knowledge-based society in the Kingdom.

Huawei currently works with Zain KSA on network, cloud, and intelligence innovation. They are committed to driving 5G business success and fostering a thriving industry ecosystem to create a new era for intelligent digital transformation.

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