ZAMREN Launches Eduroam Service: Free Internet for Educational Community

Zambia Research and Education Network introduces eduroam, facilitating secure internet access for academic stakeholders.

The Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMREN) unveiled its latest initiative, bringing the eduroam service to East Park Mall. The esteemed Minister of Technology and Science, Hon. Felix Mutati MP, presided over the official launch ceremony.

Eduroam, a wireless service tailored for educational institutions, promises free internet access for researchers, lecturers, and learners at East Park Mall and Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, where the service has been deployed. Eduroam, short for “education roaming,” enables users from participating institutions to securely connect to the internet from any eduroam-enabled location.

Eduroam can be utilized across various participating sites, including educational institutions spanning all ten provinces of Zambia, such as universities, colleges of nursing, colleges of education, research institutions, and more. Additionally, public places in Lusaka province, notably Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and East Park Mall, now offer access to this service.

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