TelCables South Africa Expands Connectivity with New Durban Point of Presence (PoP)

Enhanced PoP offers low latency connections, boosting digital infrastructure and supporting East to West connectivity.

TelCables South Africa, a subsidiary of Angola Cables, a leading International Telecommunications and ICT solutions provider and Africa’s most interconnected operator, has announced the opening of a new Point of Presence at the Teraco Riverhorse DB1 facility in Durban.  The PoP, which is now live, will strengthen and support East to West connectivity and serve as a vital gateway for ISPs, fibre network operators and content delivery networks requiring reliable, low latency connections to internet services and content for businesses and industries spread across the East Coast of Africa and South Africa.

The deployment of the new Point of Presence will cater to the growing demand for advanced, scalable ‘As a Service’ solutions and boost digital infrastructure in the region.

Sudhir Juggernath, CEO, TelCables South East Africa

The high-speed data exchange platform which also links to other subsea cable systems and redundancy options on 2Africa, Peace, Metiss and Seacom networks brings cacheable digital services and contents closer to Western markets and the Americas. 

Businesses will have access to TelCables’ international Tier 1 IP and IPX Network and the option to connect to more than 66 global data centres – all of which are supported by low latency routing options to West Africa, South America, the USA, UK, Europe and Asia. The PoP gives users the option to also peer locally and take advantage of a range of integrated solutions from IP Transit, Direct Internet Access, Global Data Center Interconnect (GDI), Cloud services and other applications – all of which are payable in local currency.

More critically, our Durban PoP will empower the development of new networks and digital ecosystems across the East Coast of Africa and South Africa and will help facilitate the participation of more local ISPs and businesses in the global digital economy.

Sudhir Juggernath, CEO, TelCables South East Africa

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