Security as a Core Attribute: Allot’s Role in Ensuring Network Reliability

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Amir Oren, Vice President of Sales for EMEA & LATAM at Allot, as he shares insights into the telecom landscape and Allot’s strategic focus on the African market.

During Mobile World Congress 2024, we caught up with Amir Oren, Vice President of Sales, EMEA & LATAM at Allot, to learn about the highlights from Allot‘s showcase and their strategic focus on the African market.

Amir highlighted Allot’s portfolio, emphasizing their Smart and Secure product lines, which cater to the unique needs of African telecom operators. He discussed the significance of Africa as a growing market for Allot, citing the region’s booming 4G adoption and the prevalence of prepaid customers. In terms of products and solutions, Amir shed light on Allot’s offerings, including DPI technology for traffic management and network-based security solutions. He emphasized Allot’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the African market’s requirements.

Looking ahead, we see tremendous growth potential in Africa’s telecom landscape. With a youthful population eager to embrace digital technologies, coupled with ongoing advancements in 4G adoption, the region is ripe with opportunities. However, this growth also brings its share of challenges, particularly in terms of infrastructure and security.

Amir Oren, Vice President of Sales, EMEA & LATAM at Allot

Reflecting on the telecom landscape in Africa, Amir outlined key trends, including the region’s growing mobile connectivity, the youthful population driving digital adoption, and the importance of security in an increasingly connected world.

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