Zambia Breaks Ground for Communication Tower, Enhancing Connectivity in Rural Chikakala

Zambian government inaugurates tower project to provide mobile network access, improving daily business activities.

Felix Chipota Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Technology & Science, announced a significant milestone in the country’s communication sector. The Zambian government unveiled plans to erect a 65-meter-high communication tower at Chikakala Primary School, located in the Kanchibiya Constituency. This initiative aims to provide mobile network connectivity to the community, marking a breakthrough for the people of Chikakala.

Minister Mutati emphasized the government’s commitment to achieving a 96% connectivity target nationwide, ensuring that no area is left behind in the digital age. The newly constructed tower is expected to enhance various daily business activities for residents by improving technical communication networks.

Furthermore, the Minister revealed that the government procured two hundred computers for distribution to schools in Muchinga Province, including Chikakala Primary School. This initiative aims to enhance information technology teaching and learning activities, supporting educational development in the region.

Minister Mutati commended Honourable Sunday Chanda, the Member of Parliament for Kanchibiya Constituency, for his dedication to utilizing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to advocate for community development. He highlighted the government’s multifaceted approach to improving the lives of Kanchibiya residents, spanning education, infrastructure, healthcare, and communication.

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