LigaData Unveils Telecom Data Fabric 4.0 and AI Apps, Transforming Telcos into Techcos

The revolutionary products empower Telcos with data analytics and AI, driving revenue growth and enhancing customer experience.

LigaData, a leading vendor in the telecom technology landscape, is revolutionizing the telecom data analytics industry with the launch of its new LigaData Telecom Data Fabric 4.0 and LigaData Telecom AI Apps. These new products enable Telcos and Communications Service Providers in their initiatives to transform their businesses from being traditional Telcos into agile data and AI-driven Techcos while driving revenue growth, retaining market share, and enhancing customer experience.

The LigaData Telecom Data Fabric 4.0 embeds telecom industry expertise, enabling near real-time data pipelines and analytics at scale and at a fraction of the cost and resource requirements of traditional data integration tools and generic data fabrics. The new state-of-the-art LigaData Telecom Data Fabric 4.0 boasts:
● Cloud deployment – elastically scalable operation in both hybrid-cloud and on-premise environments across leading cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.
● Self-service pipeline designer UI – reduces the cost and risk of creating and maintaining data pipelines.
● Advanced data pipeline and semantic compute engines – significantly reduced resource requirements and lower total cost of ownership.
● Gen AI capabilities in multiple product areas: pipeline creation/summarization, validation, and quality checks.
● Automated data pipeline lineage – enhances data trust and audit.
● Cloud data origins and destinations – cloud-native sources and destinations now include ADSL2, Synapse, BLOB, and EventHub.

Recognizing the significance of data and artificial intelligence (AI) in this digital era, LigaData also introduces their new suite of LigaData Telecom AI Apps focused on telecom subscribers, digital services, marketing, and revenue. Applications include:
● Advanced Segmentation and Targeting
● Multi-SIM Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
● Next Best Experience
● Churn Prediction
● Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
● Price Optimization

Upgrading to LigaData’s Telecom Data Fabric version 4.0 has enabled us to use the new self-service user interface to more easily and quickly integrate data into a unified view, and the accelerated processing speed gives us faster access to key performance indicators, helping us keep ahead of the competition.

Fabrice Ntare, CIO, MTN Rwanda

The new version 4.0 of the LigaData Telecom Data Fabric and the new LigaData Telecom AI Apps build on LigaData’s impressive record of delivering data fabric infrastructures and solving data-driven use cases for our many telecommunications customers across the world.

Bassel Ojjeh, CEO, LigaData

LigaData’s innovative solutions are available and supported globally. Their telecom industry expertise, AI products, proven success record, and focus on a hybrid-cloud approach with low total cost of ownership position LigaData as a distinguished partner for businesses seeking to thrive in the evolving telecom landscape.

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