Vodacom Appeals Please Call Me Case Judgment, Citing Flaws and Rule of Law Concerns

Vodacom challenges Supreme Court of Appeal ruling, alleging misdirection and flaws, impacting its operations and investments.

Vodacom South Africa has taken steps to appeal the recent Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) judgment regarding the Please Call Me matter. Following the SCA’s ruling on February 6, 2024, Vodacom has lodged an application for leave to appeal with the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

In their announcement, Vodacom emphasizes its commitment to the legal process and adherence to South African laws. However, the company asserts that aspects of the SCA judgment are fundamentally flawed and do not align with legal principles. Notably, Vodacom points out discrepancies in the majority judgment and highlights issues overlooked or ignored during the proceedings.

In its application to the Constitutional Court, Vodacom raises several key submissions, including concerns about the SCA’s impact on the Rule of Law and the company’s right to a fair trial. Additionally, Vodacom criticizes the SCA for allegedly considering issues not properly brought before the court and for disregarding evidence presented by the company.

The potential repercussions of the SCA judgment, if upheld, are significant for Vodacom, its employees, shareholders, and contributions to public finances. Moreover, the company anticipates adverse effects on network investment, coverage, and social programs.

Despite previous attempts to negotiate reasonable compensation with Mr. Makate, the individual behind the Please Call Me concept, Vodacom states that these efforts have been unsuccessful thus far. However, the company remains open to constructive dialogue and negotiations in pursuit of a fair resolution.

Vodacom expresses its desire for an amicable conclusion to the matter and emphasizes its commitment to resolving the issue in a timely manner.

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