Bridging Gaps: Yahsat’s Initiatives Transform Education and Healthcare Connectivity in Africa

Yahsat’s efforts link remote schools and healthcare facilities, fostering education and healthcare improvements across Africa.

In 2023, Yahsat achieved notable progress in linking remote communities with internet connectivity and communications, solidifying its dedication to bridging the digital divide. The main objectives for providing internet connectivity in schools was to support access to innovative and child-friendly digital learning, improved learning outcomes for school children, increased attendance rate of school children, advancing teachers’ digital skills and strengthening the school learning management system.

In Rwanda, the collaboration with the Ministry of Education resulted in a transformative digital education initiative. Leveraging Yahsat’s satellite internet infrastructure via Thuraya and YahClick, the project facilitated access to updated educational content and the latest syllabus for children and teachers in rural areas. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, this initiative, presented an affordable and sustainable platform for education solutions. The initial phase successfully connected 20 schools with internet connectivity for e learning.

Ghana experienced a similar enhancement in educational access through YahClick broadband services, provided in partnership with the Ministry of Education. This initiative bridged the gap for students and staff in rural and underserved areas, granting them to access crucial online educational materials. A significant milestone was reached by connecting 636 schools and approximately 20,000 children, making a digital leap in education.

In Zimbabwe, YahClick broadband services played a crucial role, extending internet connectivity to 850 rural schools. This access to internet connectivity and communications is not just for education; it serves as a lifeline, potentially saving lives by connecting communities to essential information and resources and improving the lives of people and communities.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, the deployment of Thuraya services revolutionized the educational landscape for over 400 schools. This service provided a dependable source of internet and communication for students and teachers, delivering technology and educational tools to underprivileged areas. This initiative stands as a testament to Yahsat’s dedication to enhancing educational opportunities and fostering community growth through connectivity.

Collectively, these initiatives underscore Yahsat’s unwavering commitment to utilising technology for social advancement and aligning its operations with broader global objectives to uplift and empower communities through enhanced connectivity and access to education.

In collaboration with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and the Ministry of ICTPoCS, Government of Zimbabwe, Yahclick embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to enhance connectivity in rural hospitals and clinics across Zimbabwe. The primary goal was to address the longstanding issue of limited internet access in these remote areas, with a specific focus on enabling efficient communication and data exchange for healthcare facilities.

Rural hospitals and clinics in Zimbabwe have historically faced challenges in obtaining reliable and affordable internet connectivity. Limited access to the internet has hindered effective communication, information sharing, and the use of telemedicine services, impacting the quality of healthcare delivery in these regions.

The primary objective of the collaboration between Yahclick, POTRAZ, and the Ministry of ICTPoCS was to provide internet connectivity to over 500 health sites in rural Zimbabwe. The goal was to establish a basic yet crucial resource that could facilitate communication through voice calls, emails, image sharing, and social media, ultimately improving overall healthcare services.

Yahclick, offered a tailored solution to address the connectivity needs of rural healthcare facilities. The implementation involved the deployment of Yahclick’s 4Gen 25/3mbps satellite broadband service, specifically designed for remote areas. The selected plan, the 100gb Education plan priced at $55 USD, proved to be not only stable, fast, and reliable but also affordable for the healthcare sites.

Over a period of 12 months, Yahclick successfully connected more than 500 rural health sites across Zimbabwe. The implementation involved setting up satellite terminals to establish a reliable internet connection, enabling healthcare professionals in these areas to access essential communication tools and share critical information seamlessly.

The initiative yielded significant positive outcomes for healthcare delivery in rural Zimbabwe. The stable and affordable internet connectivity provided by Yahclick allowed healthcare professionals to engage in voice calls, exchange emails, share images for diagnostics, utilize social media for community engagement, and seamlessly share important data and information. Moreover, the success of the project has demonstrated the potential for leveraging satellite broadband services in remote regions to bridge connectivity gaps, especially in critical sectors such as healthcare.

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