MTN Cameroon Partners with Chenosis to Launch API Ecosystem in Cameroon Market

Chenosis expands API ecosystem with MTN Cameroon, fostering collaboration for growth across industries.

Chenosis, in collaboration with MTN Cameroon, has expanded its API ecosystem into the Cameroon market, tapping into significant cross-industry potential. The move aims to foster collaboration and growth among enterprises, developers, and SMEs through a comprehensive marketplace platform.

Yesterday marked a milestone as Chenosis officially launched its API ecosystem in Cameroon, marking a significant step in connecting diverse businesses and innovators in the region. The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to engage and explore the possibilities offered by the platform.

Yolanda Kope Mbalu, General Manager of Chenosis, reiterated the company’s mission to simplify processes for industries, developers, and SMEs through their Marketplace. The launch event, attended by Chenosis CEO Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi, MTN Business General Manager Franck Gérard KOM, and Mobile Money Corporation CEO Alain Claude NONO, showcased the vision behind the new API platform powered by MTN.

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