Telkom Group Rewards Innovation Pioneers with R 1.25 Million in Inaugural Challenge

Telkom’s employee-driven innovation initiative acknowledges groundbreaking ideas, fostering progress in the digital landscape.

Telkom SA has awarded up to R 1 250 000 to the winners of the inaugural Telkom Group Innovation Challenge – an exciting group-wide employee innovation program.

The challenge comes at a time when business-sector expenditure on research and development is declining. Yet, innovation is widely acknowledged as being vital to economic growth and progress.

In fact, according to The World Bank, innovation has a crucial role to play in creating jobs, increasing productivity, and improving the lives of South Africans by supporting the development of enhanced products and services.

At Telkom, we recognise the importance of innovation on a national level. We took a bold step into the future with the inaugural Telkom Group Innovation Challenge – an electrifying arena we proudly named the Lion’s Den.

Through Lion’s Den, our goal was to recognise the competitive landscape we navigate as OneTelkom. We wanted to acknowledge that innovation is the heartbeat of progress in this dynamic digital realm.

Dr. Mmaki Jantjies, Group Executive, Innovation & Transformation Office, Telkom

The Challenge saw over 60 submissions from Telkom Group employees step up and share ideas that they believed would propel the Group toward a future marked by innovation. Through a series of rounds, these ideas were reviewed until the 10 strongest ones were identified.

The 10 finalists were then invited to present their ideas On Friday, 8 December 2023, to the Telkom Group Innovation Challenge Lions; which included the organization senior leadership, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Melody Lekota; Openserve CEO, Althon Beukes; BCX CEO, Jonas Bogoshi; Telkom Consumer & Small Business CEO, Lunga Siyo; and Lloyd Chego, Gyro Executive for IT Technology Solutions.

The Lions evaluated these ground-breaking concepts, and ultimately determined the winners of the Challenge. Up to a million rands grand prize has been shared between them in recognition of their commitment to innovation.

After weeks working on customer-focused innovative ideas, working with experts to refine them into business plans and presenting them to the Lions, we’re thrilled at the calibre of our four winners. We believe their ideas will be game changers for our business.

Dr. Mmaki Jantjies, Group Executive, Innovation & Transformation Office, Telkom

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