Zain South Sudan Launches Network Tower in Atukuel, Enhancing Connectivity in the Region

Zain activates network tower in Atukuel, Warrap State, fostering communication infrastructure and economic growth.

Zain South Sudan has announced the successful activation of its network tower in Atukuel, a significant milestone aimed at bolstering connectivity and fostering community development in the region.

The launch ceremony, attended by senior government officials from Warrap State, including DG N Adok Gai, alongside members of the Atukuel community, marked a momentous occasion for the village of Gogrial W. The addition of the Zain network tower is poised to bring substantial benefits to the Atukuel community, enhancing communication infrastructure and facilitating economic growth.

Representing the Zain CEO, Eng. Wilson Lado, the director of regulatory affairs at Zain South Sudan, highlighted the importance of the network expansion in Atukuel and its positive impact on the local population. He emphasized Zain’s commitment to providing reliable and accessible telecommunications services to underserved areas across South Sudan.

During the launch event, DG N Adok Gai of the National Communication Authority (NCA) stressed the significance of safeguarding the newly established network infrastructure. He urged the community of Atukuel to prioritize the security of the network tower to ensure uninterrupted service availability, highlighting the pivotal role of communications in fostering social cohesion and supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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