WHO’s Digital Payments Initiative Boosts Health Campaigns Across Africa

WHO’s collaboration with mobile payments enhances worker morale, campaign efficiency, and financial inclusion.

Campaigns in Africa to stop polio and other diseases have a more stable, better-motivated workforce thanks to WHO’s collaboration with countries and partners to pay frontline health workers through their mobile phones instead of in cash.

Over 80 percent of workers are saying they prefer the digital payments.

Ahmed Hamani Djibo, Head, WHO’s Digital Finance Team

WHO has been leading among international organizations in moving away from the unwieldy, less-secure practice of disbursing salaries in cash. Over the past few years, the Organization launched its Digital Finance Team and joined the Better Than Cash Alliance, an 80-member United Nations partnership with a mandate to develop the digitization of payments and expand financial inclusion – activities that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Since it was established in 2020, WHO’s Digital Finance Team has designed and implemented digital payment solutions in 24 countries in Africa, including, last year, in Benin, Botswana, Madagascar, Rwanda, Togo and Zimbabwe.

WHO has successfully digitized payments for more than two million health workers across Africa. With these inspiring results, WHO is taking a clear leadership role in accelerating the digital transformation in the provision of health outcomes globally.

Tidhar Wald, Managing Director, a.i., Better Than Cash Alliance

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