Orange Jordan Launches VoLTE Roaming Service, Enhancing Customer Experience Abroad

Orange Jordan pioneers VoLTE Roaming, enabling customers in the US to make HD voice calls seamlessly.

Accompanied by the digital revolution that is sweeping around the globe and reshaping the telecommunications industry, customer experience is witnessing unprecedented changes. In line with this, Orange Jordan announced the launch of the VoLTE Roaming Service commercially for the first time in Jordan. The service is meant to allow Jordanian customers in the United States to make voice calls via the 4G\LTE technology.

Orange Jordan is considered the first Jordanian telecom operator that announced the launch of the international roaming of this voice service feature, as the company extended its agreement with the operator in the United States AT&T to provides Orange’s subscribers who are traveling to the United States with the opportunity to enjoy the roaming experience with the VoLTE service.

This step comes in the context of the agreement signed between the two parties to operate international roaming services to customers who are traveling to the United States. It also follows the American Company’s decision to cancel the service on the traditional 2G and 3G networks given the importance of keeping up with the major developments in this area to move to the more advanced networks.

It is thrilling to be the first telecom operator in Jordan to launch the VoLTE Roaming service commercially. It will enable our customers to stay connected with their family and loved ones while being abroad. They will also benefit from the other features this technology offers.

Orange Jordan spares no effort in being ahead of the competition by coping with the latest technologies and providing its customers with the best experience available. We always seek to be the first, and the commercial launch of the VoLTE Roaming is a significant proof of such assertion.

Eng. Walid Al-Doulat, Chief ITN & Wholesale Officer, Orange Jordan

It is worth mentioning that the VoLTE feature aims to improve and sustain the quality of voice calls by offering HD voice and simultaneous voice and data transfer during a call after the shutdown of the 2G and 3G services. It also ensures faster call set-up times and improved network availability.

VoLTE service meets the customers’ everyday needs by making multitasking easier than ever. By activating it, the customers can browse the web and download media while on a call.

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