IHS Cameroon Launches Tower Kiosk Initiative to Boost Connectivity in Rural Cameroon

Tower Kiosk initiative brings free internet access, charging points, and digital infrastructure to rural communities.

IHS Cameroon, part of the IHS Holding Limited group, one of the largest independent owners, operators, and developers of shared communications infrastructure in the world by tower count, has today launched the “Tower Kiosk by IHS Cameroon” initiative in the Northwest and Southwest of Cameroon. In the presence of the Prime Minister of Cameroon, His Excellency Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, and other dignitaries from the two regions, the first three kiosks were opened in the rural communities of Idenau, Santa and Tombel. 

Each kiosk, powered by the adjacent towers’ hybrid solutions, contains four charging points, and will provide free internet access to the local community. Through these services, the kiosks will help support local businesses and entrepreneurs, and provide the digital infrastructure to facilitate e-commerce, e-education, e-health, and e-governance activities. They will also serve as collection points for health-related community data.

Under the initiative, IHS Cameroon has committed to construct a total of 10 kiosks, five in each region, by 2025. By partnering with local NGOs, the initiative will help provide new economic opportunities and contribute positively towards the long-term stability of these communities that have been experiencing security challenges.

Through this initiative and the power of connectivity, we want to help bring new opportunities to communities in the Northwest and Southwest regions. We hope the “Tower Kiosk by IHS Cameroon” initiative will provide the infrastructure for people to access online resources and better engage in public life. With the support of local and international NGOs, who will oversee the day-to-day running of each kiosk, we aim to increase community confidence and participation.

Olufemi Arosanyin, CEO, IHS Cameroon

Significant progress has been made in these regions to restore public life, and we are excited to see the “Tower Kisok by IHS Cameroon” initiative begin. This initiative comes at the right time, as we continue to work to resolve this conflict and return to peace. We encourage all public and private partners to follow the example set by IHS Cameroon.

His Excellency Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, Prime Minister, The Republic of Cameroon

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