Open Access Data Centres Launches CODI Partner Programme to Advance Africa’s Digital Transformation

OADC introduces CODI, inviting telecom, ISP, and ICT companies to collaborate for innovative digital solutions.

Open Access Data Centres (OADC), Africa’s fastest-growing data centre company, proudly announces the official launch of its exclusive Partner Programme, CODI. This initiative aims to establish colocation and ecosystem partnerships that will play a pivotal role in advancing Africa’s digital transformation.

The CODI Partner Programme offers a unique opportunity for telecommunication companies, internet service providers and ICT companies to deliver innovative, sustainable and cost-effective digital solutions to their clients. It aims to facilitate collaboration among partners to deliver optimal client solutions and support.

This programme promises mutual growth, leveraging Open Access Data Centres’ industry expertise and infrastructure. Partners have access to two hyperscale, Tier-III core facilities in key strategic locations in Lagos, Nigeria and Kinshasa in the DR Congo.

By joining CODI, partners gain access to a host of tools and benefits aimed at enhancing services, streamlining operations and boosting revenue. Some of the exclusive perks include preferential pricing, incentives, rewards, sales support, marketing tools and support.

The CODI Partner Programme is a testament to our commitment to collaborative growth and innovation in Africa’s digital landscape. It provides a platform where clients can expand their product offerings and seamlessly extend their business across all ecosystems in an open and transparent environment. We invite partners to join us on this exciting journey towards shaping the future of digital connectivity on the continent.

Greg Sellars, Head of Brand and Communications, WIOCC Group

The Partner Programme introduces various models catering to wholesale, reseller and agent partners, ensuring flexibility and scalability to meet diverse business needs.

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