Ethio Telecom Expands 5G Services in Ethiopia’s Central East Region

Ethio Telecom expands 5G to Harar and Haromaya, bolstering business productivity and societal services with high-speed connectivity.

As part of its commitment to realizing the country’s digital transformation vision, the company has been deploying the latest technologies and providing digital solutions. Particularly, the Ethio telecom has deployed the latest global technology product, the fifth-generation mobile service in different cities countrywide. This latest 5G wireless network technology has been implemented only in limited countries worldwide. The company announced the official launch of its 5G services in the Central East Region, Harar city and Haromaya town, following its earlier official launch in Addis Ababa, Adama, Jigjiga and Dire Dawa cities.

In line with this, Ethio Telecom has launched the 5G service in five areas of which four sites are in Harar such as Ras Mekonnen School, Arategna, Jegol and Ras Hotel/Agip area as well as in Haromaya.

The commercialization of 5G service will play a paramount role for our business customers in enhancing their productivity and efficiency, generating new revenues with next-generation applications, improving operations with real-time analytics, adapting quickly to changes in business dynamics, and delivering secure and fast access to mission-critical data. It will also play a significant role in simplifying the life of our citizens and society. Furthermore, the 5G service has tremendous significance for smart home, health services, hospital management, smart agriculture, education, mining, manufacturing, smart airports and travel services, smart transportation, broadcasting & entertainment, as well as cloud-based 5G gaming.

Exceprt from a Press Release by Ethio Telecom

The 5G wireless network technology offers the fastest speeds (up to 10 Gbps), low latency (less than 1 ms), and massive communication capability (up to 1 million connections within 1 km2). Specially, it will have a significant impact on industries such as mission-critical services requiring real-time decisions, manufacturing plants, remote healthcare, precision agriculture, self-driving vehicles, Internet of Things /IoT/, and real-time operations, making them a reality.

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