Airtel Zambia and Unicef Collaborate for 5 Years to Boost Digital Learning in Schools

Airtel and Unicef partnership aims to enhance digital education by increasing internet connectivity in Zambian schools.

Airtel Zambia has signed a 5-year partnership with Unicef Zambia to accelerate digital learning in Zambia through the increase of internet connectivity in schools.
Minister of Education. Hon. Douglas Syakalima who officiated at the partnership announcement said the agreement signed represented an important contribution toward the achievement of the national vision of ensuring digital infrastructure for every child.
Airtel Managing Director, Mr. Hussam Baday said the partnership will champion the role of digital education for children in Zambia thereby helping to end the digital learning gap by enabling children and young people in Zambia to access world-class digital learning solutions to build the skills they need to leapfrog to a brighter future. He added that the schools selected in the first year will also comprise those with children with special needs.
Unicef Country Representative, Dr. Penelope Campbell said the learning passport portal which will be zero rated by Airtel is meant to help expand learning for Zambian learners beyond the walls of the classroom and promote digital literacy among students and teachers. She added that the partnership signed was cementing a collaboration meant to help overpass critical barriers such as cost of data to access to digital learning content while showcasing tools and strategies that help to improve digital learning in schools.
The partnership will include connecting identified schools in Zambia to the internet by providing routers and free of charge access to the internet. Access will be provided at unlimited allowance equivalent, with minimum guaranteed volume and speed needed to ensure learning outcomes for target learners are achieved. The learning passport portal which has content for both teachers and learners will be Zero-rated in order to encourage usage by the learners.

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