Exness Reinforces Market Leadership with Rebrand Unveiling

World’s largest retail market-maker, Exness, reveals a revamped visual identity, featuring a new logo and modern design.

Exness, the world’s largest retail market-maker, has unveiled a significant rebranding initiative, reflecting and reinforcing its position as the market leader. Through a revamped visual identity, Exness turns the spotlight on the very values that helped it reach the top.

Carrying the legacy of the old logo, the exo also serves as a visual anchor, connecting the broker’s past achievements with its future vision, in this way honouring its legacy to forge its future. The brand’s font and colour palette have also undergone a makeover, featuring a more modern font and a brighter, bolder yellow.

At Exness, we believe that ‘good enough’ is not enough. This rebranding goes beyond aesthetics. Our new brand offers a nod to where we’ve come from and a promise that our values remain the same while we take bold new steps into the future. As companies evolve, so must their brand. It’s time for our brand to evolve and reflect who we are in the market. It’s time to take our identity to the next level, to show the world why we’re different from the rest and how we got this far.

Alfonso Cardalda, Chief Marketing Officer, Exness

Launched on the cusp of Exness’ spectacular 15-year celebrations, the rebranding aligns with the broker’s remarkable achievements to date, including a monthly trading volume of up to $4.8 trillion, a headcount of over 2000 employees, and a total of more than 700,000 active clients and 64,000 partners. These milestones highlight Exness’ enduring commitment to setting industry standards and reinforcing its status as the market leader.

We’ve raised the bar in the trading industry, now we’re upping our game as a brand. As we usher this new era in, we will continue to reimagine the markets the way they should be, we will continue breaking records and we will continue to be wholeheartedly committed to our people — clients, partners and employees.

Alfonso Cardalda, Chief Marketing Officer, Exness

The updated branding will be rolled out across all Exness platforms in the coming weeks. The company assures a seamless transition, maintaining its high standard of service and support for all clients and partners.

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