Telkom’s Anti-Vandalism Efforts Lead to 523 Convictions and Significant Deterrence

Telkom’s collaborative initiatives combat infrastructure vandalism, yielding 523 convictions and deterring crime, protecting vital networks and economic interests.

Telkom, a major telecommunications provider, has achieved significant success in its fight against infrastructure vandalism, apprehending nearly 3,000 suspects from July 2017 to November 2023. With an annual economic damage estimate of R187 billion attributed to copper theft, Telkom’s collaborative initiatives have resulted in 523 convictions, amounting to an impressive 2,594 years of imprisonment.

The telecommunications company emphasizes the key role of collaboration in this success, showcasing the power of united efforts in overcoming challenges and ensuring the security of vital networks. Telkom’s proactive measures send a strong message against vandalism, contributing to the protection of critical infrastructure and economic interests.

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