Pesapal Introduces Cashless Tipping Feature, Pesapal Tips, on Sabi POS Machines

Pesapal introduces secure and swift cashless tipping, allowing customers to express appreciation on Sabi POS.

Pesapal unveils Pesapal Tips, a new cashless tipping solution integrated into the Sabi Point of Sale (POS) machine. This innovative feature enables customers to tip service personnel securely and swiftly without using physical cash.

Designed for workers in the service industry, Pesapal Tips simplifies the tipping process, allowing customers to express their appreciation for outstanding service. The process involves entering the bill amount into the Pesapal Sabi PDQ, tapping the ‘TIPS’ option on the POS display, and authorizing the transaction through secure verification methods.

The system generates three receipts for transparency, providing tangible evidence of the transaction. Businesses can customize Pesapal Tips through the merchant dashboard, tailoring tipping options to their preferences, including defining tip rates as a percentage of the total sale amount. This customization ensures a seamless and secure tipping experience for both customers and service personnel.

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